Founders Bowl

Presented by Mrs Cummins in 1952

1952J. Williams1992J Moon
1953N Seddon1993J Jagger
1954E.H.A.Lever1994N Brown
1955E.Edwards1995B Brindley
1956R.S.Underhill1996B Brindley
1957J.Williams1997T Payne
1958J.Williams1998A Roberts
1959J.Williams1999T Payne
1960P .Vale2000R Stewart
1961C A .Evans2001S Wood
1962M Garlick2002B Brindley
1963E H A Ingham2003Z Lomax
1964A Hughes2004K Boulden
1965N Seddon2005H Boulden
1966M Worthington2006H Roberts
1967J Moon2007S Wood
1968E J Wynne-Jones2008J Parry
1969M Russell2009P Webster
1970E J Wynne-Jones2010P Blundell
1971M Worthington2011P Blundell
1972N Seddon2012M Gough
1973M Worthington2013A Kennedy
1974D Atkins2014M Gough
1975D Atkins2015P Mcdonald
1976M Collins2016P Webster
1977J Moon2017A Roberts
1978D Atkins2018E Humphreys-Jones
1979N Webster2019S Crowe
1980M Worthington2020Not Played
1981M Garlick2021
1982J Moon
1983J Moon
1984B Duckenfield
1985S Payne
1986S Payne
1987N Brown
1988J Bleakley
1989T Payne
1990N Brown
1991J Williams

Ladies Matchplay Championship Nellie Seddon Trophy

Presented by Miss Nellie Seddon in 2000

2000S Wood
2001M Allan
2002K Boulden
2003K Boulden
2004K Boulden
2005K Boulden
2006S Wood
2007J Watters
2008M Warren
2009S Wood
2010J Bleakley
2011S Wood
2012S Wood
2013A Jones
2014A Kennedy
2015S Wood
2016S Wood
2017S Lyons
2018S Lyons
2019S Crowe
2020Not Played

Underhill Scratch Trophy

Presented by Mr Underhill in 1958

1958M Wright1998J Jagger
1959M Wright1999S Payne
1960M Wright2000P Webster
1961F H B Jenkin2001S Wood
1962D V Ingham2002J Jagger
1963J Carter2003E Covell
1964D V Ingham2004H Roberts
1965J Williams2005J Harvey
1966J Williams2006S Wood
1967J Williams2007S Wood
1968J Moon2008S Wood
1969J Moon2009S Wood
1970B Donovan2010S Wood
1971J Moon2011S Wood
1972N Seddon2012S Wood
1973J Moon2013A Kennedy
1974J Moon2014A Kennedy
1975J Moon2015A Jones
1976B Donovan2016M Johnson
1977J Moon2017M Hancock
1978P Vale2018S Lyons
1979J P Vale2019S Wood
1980M Peel2020
1981N Webster
1982D Pritchard
1983J Moon
1984S Payne
1985S Payne
1986Not Played
1987S Webster
1988B Connor
1989N Brown
1990J Moon
1991M Worthington
1992P Brewer
1993J Moon
1994J Jagger
1995S Wood
1996A Roberts
1997B Connor

Merit Trophy

TheCompetition was insignated by J williams

1990J Moon
1991M Worthington
1992D Evans
1993P Webster
1994D Evans
1995S Wood
1996J Jagger
1997P Webster
1998P Webster
1999J Jagger
2000P Brewer
2001P Brewer
2002D Osbourne
2003H Roberts
2004H Roberts
2005J Harvey
2006M Warren
2007P Blundell
2008S Gabbat
2009S Wood
2010H Roberts
2011P Webster
2012C Mcgraw
2013M Johnson
2014B Jones
2015G Appleton
2016G Appleton
2017P Webster
2018S Helme
2019S Helme

Wood Cup

Presented by Mrs Hirst in 1935

1960G Robinson2000P Webster
1961N Street2001D Osbourne
1962K Wallis2002A Roberts
1963M Garlick2003B Jones
1964G Robinson2004H Roberts
1965G Hardy2005P Jennings
1966P Vale2006J Bleakley
1967G Hardy2007J Harvey
1968M Williams2008H Roberts
1969J Moon2009J Jagger
1970D Conyngham2010C Mcgraw
1971G Robinson2011S Wood
1972M Garlick2012S Wood
1973E Green2013G Spear
1974D Atkins2014A Kennedy
1975J Cater2015G Appleton
1976D Pritchard2016J Butterworth
1977M Blomfield2017E French
1978P Vale2018E Humphreys-Jones
1979K Mitchell2019S Helme
1980M Worthington2020
1981J Moon
1982P Vale
1983B Donovan
1984P Brewer
1985D Pritchard
1986S Webster
1987M Lyon
1988B Donovan
1989N Seddon
1990N Brown
1991J Williams
1992B Duckenfield
1993J Williams
1994E Covell
1995M Rowley
1996C Reynolds
1997J Moon
1998N Brown
1999E Covell

Marriner Brigg Trophy

Presented by Mr H Brigg

1963K Mcdonald2003D Osbourne
1964J Cater2004P Webster
1965M Mitchell2005H R Hughes
1966Not Played2006M Warren
1967M Garlick2007J Parry
1968E Grene2008S Wood
1969M Ley2009D Dearden
1970B Donovan2010H Roberts
1971D St David Jones2011P Webster
1972M Clayton2012D Evans
1973A Dykins2013J Bleakley
1974M Rowlands2014G Appleton
1975D Atkins2015J Bleakley
1976D Bleasley2016S Lyons
1977C Wellock2017V Shorthouse
1978P Flohr2018J Roberts
1979P Gibson2019S Wood
1980N Holt2020
1981C Steele
1982G Robinson
1983M Worthington
1984H Finch
1985B Donovan
1986B Duckenfield
1987D Pritchard
1988T Payne
1989M Worthington
1990P Brewer
1991J Moon
1992D Evans
1993C Gilroy
1994D Evans
1995J Williams
1996C Arthur
1997D Osbourne
1998A Speake
1999P Webster
2000J Harvey
2001H Roberts
2002P Webster

Gwyn Collins Trophy

Presented by W S Collins in 1963

1964J Williams2004M Warren
1965G Hardy2005J Harvey
1966C Gorst2006P Brewer
1967A Dykins2007J Parry
1968M Blomfield2008S Wood
1969C Atherton2009H Roberts
1970M Garlick2010J Lewis
1971P Flohr2011D Dearden
1972D Pritchard2012P Webster
1973D Pritchard2013P Webster
1974K Mcdonald2014A Kennedy
1975B Brotherton2015G Appleton
1976P Vale2016S Lofthouse
1977D Pritchard2017P Webster
1978J Williams2018C Shone
1979J Carter2019S Crowe
1980K Wallis2020A Ceelen
1981M Collins2021
1982B Duckenfield
1983N Webster
1984S Payne
1985M Worthington
1986B Rosamund
1987H R Hughes
1988M Blomfield
1989M Allan
1990J Williams
1991M Williams
1992B Brindley
1993S Wood
1994S Wood
1995Z Lomax
1996S Wood
1997B Brindley
1998P Webster
1999E Covell
2000S Wood
2001J Jagger
2002S Ward
2003K Boulden

Grannies' Trophy

Presented by Mrs M M (Peggy) Bleakley and Mrs Clarice Wellock in 1991.

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