The rules of golf are changing from 1st Jan 2019
Rule Changes 2019
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We have listed some key rules changes starting in 2019 which you need to know about.

Dropping Procedure
Last year it was proposed that golfers could drop from any height above an inch, however this has been changed to knee height. So from 1st Jan 2019, when taking relief golfers will now drop from knee height – no longer shoulder height.

Double-hitting a shot
There will no longer be a penalty for double-hitting a shot. Golfers will simply count the single stroke they took to strike the ball, rather than counting two shots for hitting the ball twice.

Out of bounds rule change
Golf’s out of bounds rule is set to undergo huge changes in a bid to speed up play. From 1st Jan 2019, clubs will be allowed to install a local rule that golfers can drop a new ball in the vicinity of where their ball has gone out of bounds, with a two stroke penalty. So no more walking back to the tee! (The Comps and Handicap committee at North Wales Golf Club have not yet confirmed what our local rule will be)

Moving the ball
There will be no penalty for accidentally moving your ball on the putting green or when looking for it in the rough. A player is not responsible for causing a ball to move unless it is “virtually certain” that they did.

The flag stick
It no longer has to be attended or removed when putting and there will be no penalty if a golfer hits an unattended flag stick in the hole.

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